The Tractor Supply kazue yamagishi charcle Company launched 4health as a premium private label dog food in early 2010. Spent hours reading every brand of dog foods ingredients. They’ve been on 4 Health for several years now – the Mature Dog dry. This year I have experienced in inordinate amount of shedding from the dogs and cat.

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  • The food also contains yucca schidigera extract from the yucca plant.
  • Unfortunately, theFDA has concerns about foods that are high in legumes as they may have a strong connection to heart disease in dogs.
  • This Grain-Free Duck & Potato Formula Dry Food is formulated to meet the energy and nutrient needs of active and working adult dogs.
  • This too is a concentrated source of protein, but it is difficult to judge the quality since it comes from an unnamed source.
  • 4health’s cat food lineup includes both wet and dry recipes.

Whether wet or dry, 4health recipes feature meat as the first ingredient, complemented by a variety of fruits and vegetables. At Petsense, we love our customers pets like our own, so we strive to provide them with the very best, whether its trusted advice, expert services, or quality products. We are excited to now have the opportunity to offer 4health pet food as part of that commitment, said Matthew Rubin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Petsense. The 4health brand is specially designed to deliver optimal nutrition for optimal health at an everyday great price, garnering hundreds of thousands of fans nationwide.

Evaluate The Ingredients As Part Of The 4health Puppy Food Review

We switched half the kennel to a different food and the problems immediately stopped, while it continued in the other half. Our conclusion is this food has caused the problem and cost us lots of money in vet visits, tests and medication. These fatty acids are believed by many to provide several health benefits, including a reduced risk of certain health risks and improved skin and fur health.

We also like the inclusion of antioxidants, probiotics, and joint-friendly compounds. We dislike the use of tomato pomace and flaxseed as poor fiber sources. All in all, we rate the 4Health Salmon & Potato Formula as Best for Adult Dogs. Finding the perfect diet for your dog can be challenging. Often you have to search to find a quality, vet-approved dog food formula that will satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs and taste requirements.

They are not necessarily healthier than artificial flavors and have no nutritional value. In human food, natural flavors tend to make food taste better and thus more addictive, resulting in unhealthy cravings and diets. We can’t say for sure if this is the same case for dogs. The full list of 4health pet food recalls appears below. Our team discovered this recall buried in a 2017 FDA Enforcement Report.

Health Dog Food Recalls

Ocean fish meal and egg products are also quality ingredients that contribute to the protein content. The first two ingredients in this food are chicken and chicken meal. The chicken is a good source of protein as well as Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Niacin and Selenium. Whole chicken does contain a lot of moisture , so if the moisture were removed this ingredient would come much later in the list.

This recipe from Blue Buffalo Life Protection is a great alternative for small breed dogs. It is slightly higher in fat (15%), so could even suit more active dogs. It is also fairly high in omega fatty acids, so would be suited to long-haired dogs. While 4Health dog food did not test positive for Salmonella, they took the precaution in any case. 4Health dog food is a private-label brand of dog food owned by a large chain store, Tractor Supply Company.

Chelated minerals are normally found in better andiron foods . Beet pulp is a controversial component, a high fiber by-product of sugar beet processing . 4Health Chicken and Rice Formula was selected to represent the other products in the trace for detail recipe and food analysis .

Health Dog Foodrecall History

Feeding guides are provided at the back of the packaging. Its antioxidant formulation includes guaranteed levels of selenium and vitamin E for overall health and strong immune system. Species-specific probiotics help maintain the proper balance of good bacteria in your dog’s intestines.