Montgomery County Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Vita

When you visit the VITA location, you will be prompted to complete an intake process and answer a few questions about your tax return. If enough volunteer staff are on hand to complete your return, it will be finished that day on-site. If your household income was $60,000 or less, volunteers will prepare your personal and federal, and state income taxes . Click here to access Get Your Refund, an encrypted, secure platform. With this option, you’ll answer the same questions as you would at a VITA site.

Montgomery County Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Vita

• A team member will review your intake paperwork to help clear up any questions before seating you with a volunteer tax preparer. If you have a Marketplace Exemption, please contact the Marketplace and get your Marketplace Exemption Certificate number to complete your 2022 federal ​ tax return. View our checklist to see all documents required to file your taxes. If you are missing a document, follow the links in the checklist to obtain a copy. We offer virtual and in-person appointments as volunteers are available. In-person appointments are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11 a.m.

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The Internal Revenue Service created the VITA Free Tax Prep Program to provide free tax preparation for low- to moderate-income taxpayers using community partners and volunteers. Each year, United Way volunteers help thousands of individuals and families prepare their taxes. If your income was $58,000 or less in 2022, you’re eligible to have an IRS-certified volunteer prepare your income tax returns at no cost. There are Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites across New York State.

  • Those interested in VITA’s tax-preparation help should bring photo identification, as well as Social Security cards for themselves, a spouse, and any dependents, if applicable.
  • Many clients will use their tax refunds to pay bills, add to their savings accounts, purchase homes, and make home or car repairs.
  • This process includes being properly trained in tax law and passing a certification test applicable to the level of tax training you wish to complete.
  • Videos, data, and site search will be disabled or function poorly.
  • There are a variety of VITA tax volunteer roles available and free training opportunities for roles that require specialized skills.

Individuals making $73,000 or less are likely eligible for VITA services. Following major tax law changes, the IRS is urging taxpayers to use the IRS Withholding Calculatorto check their tax withholding and make sure they have the right amount of tax taken out of their pay for their personal Montgomery County Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Vita situation. Having too little tax withheld could mean a tax bill or a penalty. And with the average refund topping $2,800, some may prefer to get more money in their pay now. The earlier people check, the more time there is for withholding to take place evenly during the rest of the year.

Vita Tax Help DC FAQS

We hope that continued improvements to the program will help, meaning less travel for our customers, while still offering the opportunity to do a full in-person tax visit. Your return will be submitted to the IRS within 48 hours of signing the E-File Authorization form. Participants should bring all the necessary tax documents with them.

What is the income tax in Montgomery County PA?


Pennsylvania state taxes withheld from gross wages will be calculated based upon the 3.07% rate.

Radford University Davis College of Business has stepped up and offered VITA an entire office facility which will allow for safe social distancing. It will be requested that masks be worn even for vaccinated individuals because much of the public that uses this service are older than 65+.

My Free Taxes is an IRS affiliated and funded program.  It will never ask you for money.

This free tool provides answers to a number of tax law questions. It can determine if you’re eligible for credits, can deduct expenses, etc. In order to file your taxes with the VITA program, please gather all your documents. The Community Action Agency and its Volunteer Income Tax Assistance partners are now offeringFREE tax appointments for Montgomery County residents with household incomes of $56,000 or less. If your return is rejected, you will be contacted within 24 business hours of the rejection. The most common cause of rejection is duplicate use of SSN on returns.

Does EIC give you money?

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) may lower the taxes you owe and refund you up to $6,728 at tax time. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a tax credit that may give you money back at tax time or lower the federal taxes you owe. You can claim the credit whether you're single or married, or have children or not.

Please email if you have difficulty scheduling your appointment. You can also find out about free filing software on the IRS website. We will have select availability at the Meridian UnBound Library location . Please visit our scheduling links, for our current availability. Yes, for example, some members of a family are only eligible for an ITIN but may have children who were born in the U.S. and are therefore eligible for a SSN.


VITA schedules can be found at several websites including , , Entergy (/eitc), and the website. Low-to-moderate income Montgomery County residents may be eligible for free tax income tax preparation assistance from the Community Action Agency’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance partnership.

Montgomery County Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Vita

Please answer some questions to see all available resources and information. You will need your social security number or ITIN, your filing status, and your exact refund amount. The VITA program is limited to households with an income less than $70,000. Your browser will need to support JavaScript to use this site completely. Videos, data, and site search will be disabled or function poorly.

If you share custody of children, please verify if the other parent has submitted the children to the IRS on their taxes previously. If we are unable to finish your return that day on-site, you will be notified within seven business days to return to the VITA site, where you will sign an authorization form and pick up your completed return. Returns cannot be submitted to the IRS until release forms have been signed and your return has been picked up.

Be prepared to use your phone to take photos of your tax documents. An IRS-certified VITA volunteer will call you for an interview and quality review.