A board room application is a digital tool which optimizes the procedures in the process of a board meeting. It’s a central place for communication, document storage and meetings that allow directors to work seamlessly. It also helps reduce the amount of time managers have to spend on making plank packs and reduces waste paper.

A well-designed portal enables secure sharing and access to documents, such as those that have been highlighted or annotated by using the cloud. Users can edit, browse and download, as well as annotate or download documents based on their own authorization settings. This is particularly useful for board members that travel and are unable to attend meetings in person. It also increases transparency and enables better organization of meeting materials. It also eliminates the possibility of losing important documents or information because papers may get lost or packages may be stolen or lost in transit.

The biggest benefit of a portal for boards is that it significantly decreases the amount of time required for directors and administrators to prepare for virtual and in-person board meetings. This results in more efficient meetings and helps retain and recruit top-quality board members.

Boardroom apps make the meeting process easier for directors and committees. With instant access to meeting materials and engagement metrics, it’s simpler than ever to plan a board meeting and stay up-to-date with current materials. The ability to highlight and organize important points in documents allows directors to come prepared into a board meeting with a clear understanding what is being discussed.