As many of the antioxidants in grapes are in the skin, red wine contains more antioxidants than white wine. However, excessive wine consumption can lead to a reverse effect called alcoholic dementia. Wine addiction almost always translates to excessive consumption and this excessive consumption has some side effects which sometimes are direct opposites of the benefits derived from moderate consumption. One of such direct opposites is in the area of weight gain. If you consume wine moderately, some of the antioxidants present in it can help your body burn brown fat and consequently help you lose weight as a result of the unique compounds.

What are the benefits of drinking red wine? – Medical News Today

What are the benefits of drinking red wine?.

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Should I rinse with mouthwash after drinking red wine?

He also spends a lot of time coaching his granddaughters’ YMCA basketball team and enjoys mentoring teenagers to achieve their goals. Learning a lot of science and living vicariously through your news this time, friends! ❖ Pat Relf Hanavan (email Pat) | Lisa Diamant (email Lisa) | Alumni Directory. He and his wife, Andrea, are still waiting for grandkids as his son, Daniel, and daughter, Shira, have other ideas. Back in 1995 Elias co-wrote Dark Carnival, a biography of film director Tod Browning (Dracula, Freaks) that was recently revised into a larger, limited-edition volume (with a paperback due later this year). Yet another creative classmate many of us know is artist Andrea Strongwater (New York, NY).

Effects of Wine Addiction

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is red wine more addictive than white

Long-Term Effects

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Benefits of Wine Consumption

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What is the healthiest wine? Try a glass of this low-sugar choice.

Scientists believe that if you have a family history of misusing alcohol, you have a 50% chance of being prone to alcohol abuse and addiction. Long-term alcohol dependence can weaken your immune system and make your body more prone to infections. It can also affect your body’s stress response, which increases your risk for many chronic diseases.

Elaine was his partner in Getter Entertainment, involved in producing Broadway shows. He is now a partner in Archer Entertainment Group with his stepdaughter, Courtney Sheinmel, who was a practicing attorney and wrote and published many young adult and children’s books. As you read this column, Dave, PhD ’60, and Mary Gentry Call report that more than 20 classmates have signed on to celebrate our 70th Reunion on campus. Hopefully a few latecomers will join them with a month to go and put us over 26 attendees.

is red wine more addictive than white