TEMOT International is a leading strategic organisation and future-oriented partner of the automotive aftermarket industry. Founded by five shareholders in Germany in 1994, it has been expanding continuously ever since.

Today, the organisation consists of 100 shareholders operating as Warehouse Distributors for the independent aftermarket spare parts business in almost all major European countries as well as Israel, North, Central and Latin America, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Caucasus, Central Asia, South Korea and Japan.

TEMOT shareholders are among the best and brightest Automotive Aftermarket organisations in their geographical area of operation. They all operate at the first trade level, providing a comprehensive range of products, services, systems and concepts. Their core business includes trade with spare parts, accessories, garage equipment, tools, engine parts, car paints, chemicals and body parts. In 2015, TEMOT International grew by 15% and produced aggregate total revenues in excess of approx. € 8.2 billion, TEMOT shareholders directly employ more than 20,000 people and maintain direct or indirect affiliations with 15,000 garages through various garage concepts. Regardless of distribution model, all TEMOT International shareholders pursue a common goal: sustainable, profitable growth through peak efficiency and optimised effectiveness.

For more information you can visit the Temot International official website.


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