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Quality at the Tourism Capital of Turkey!

Basbug Auto, high quality spare parts distributor in 81 provinces of Turkey and more than 94 countries around the world, has opened a new logistics center in Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey.

With the new logistics center of 3.000 m² storage area; the company will have its 12th distribution point globally, of which 8 of them being in Turkey. The new logistics center will also be the 3rd major warehouse opened in year 2021. Basbug, determined to expand its national network of distribution centers rapidly, will also be opening its 9th warehouse in Diyarbakir province of Turkey in the very near future.

Basbug, will keep going with paying attention to its custormers’s satisfaction.

New Logistics Center in Konya

Basbug is in the biggest city of Turkey!
Basbug – one of the biggest global players of the sector- has opened its new logistic center in Konya.

The new 4000 cubic meterswarehouse of Basbug has the feature of being the 7th in Turkey and 11th in the world. Also, through new technologies,a new employment area has been created in accordance with the growth target in the logistic site.

The brand which has many modern warehouses (24.000 m² in İstanbul, 6.000 m² in Ankara, 3.000 m² in Adana, 7.000 m² in İzmir, 3.000 m² in Erzurum, 2.500 m² in Samsun) will continue to bring quality and reliable products to its customers aiming growth target all year long.

At this point, already serving %85 of Turkey with its own vehicles and carrying out new innovations, Basbug will bring a new breath to the sector since the company is planning to serve across the country with its own vehicles from branches in Diyarbakır and Adana which are intended to be launched this year.

New Branch on the Asian side of Istanbul

MOTOR ASİN is now meeting the needs of their business partners at their new branch on the Asian side of Istanbul.

BAŞBUĞ New Logistics Center in Samsun BASBUG is now meeting the needs of their business partners via their new Logistics Center in Samsun.

New Branch in Gaziantep

MOTOR ASİN is now meeting the needs of their business partners at their new branch in Gaziantep.


Basbug Spare Parts, distributor of high quality parts in 81 cities of Turkey and 63 countries, is going to carry its logistics operations via its new 24.000 sqm logistics center from now on.

Commencement of Opel dealership in early 2019, cooperation with several key players in the market including DEPO and AISIN and integration of its subsidary BOES into the Distrigo project of PSA group; were the main drivers for the group deciding to enlarge its logistics center.

Moving its logistics center in Istanbul to a single location of 240.000 m3, the company has also had the chance to implement many technological advancements within this state of the art facility. In just three months, more than 5.000.000 products, including more than 100.000 references, have appeared on their new shelves.

In the new logistics center, new employment areas have been created in line with the growing targets along with the technological systems.

Basbug Auto Spare Parts, keeps growing with the awareness of its duty with the vision of being the leading company that meets all the needs of the automotive after-sales market.

Together & Forever with the “45’s” Basbug!

 As the years go by, vinyls, in other words, the 45’s never get old. Although the best way to listen to music is still vinyl records. Basbug reflects this impressions with its success on the automotive industry for years.

The company always kept the employees happy and together on its industrial journey. By the 2020, Basbug’s 45th anniversary has been celebrated by with all Basbug Auto Spare Parts employees, at the company’s annual dinner event.

On this special night, employees met in a ballroom with a 70’s theme. Songs from vinyl record era have been accompanied to all attendees during the dinner.

After an enjoyable meal, the night continued with the plaque ceremony, which was presented to the employees who devotedly worked for the company’s 45 years of growth. After the ceremony, renowned percussionist “Gencer Savas & the Band” marked the peak of the night with an outstanding musical performance. The night ended after dissemination of prizes of the Basbug’s special raffle for the event.

Cooking Workshop

MOTOR ASİN organized a Cooking Workshop at its headquarters.

SCHAEFFLER Training Event

MOTOR ASIN organized a training in Aydın on October 10th with SCHAEFFLER. Spare Parts Professionals and Mechanics attended the event. The attendees received a training on SCHAEFFLER products. The training was followed by a Question and Answer session, where the trainers answered the attendees’ questions about SCHAEFFLER products.

Automechanika Moscow 2019

MOTOR ASİN welcomed visitors from different parts of the world between 26-29 August 2019 at Automechanika Moscow.

New Branch in Izmir

MOTOR ASİN opened a branch in Bornova, İzmir. The opening ceremony was held on July 23rd, 2019 with the participation of many visitors.

GENEL OTO – Capital Magazine

MANTIS Training

HIDIRUSTA’s Commercial Vehicles Brand Manager Sefer Apay, gave training on MANTIS, spare parts catalogue of MAN, to HIDIRUSTA sales representatives.

ZF Aftermarket

HIDIRUSTA hosted ZF Aftermarket at its headquarters. ZF Aftermarket Spare Parts Sales Director M. Öner Yılmaz shared his knowledge on ZF products and gave tips on using the SDM Catalogue effectively.

SCHAEFFLER Training Event

BASBUG SPARE PARTS organized a training event in Denizli with SCHAEFFLER. Spare Parts Professionals and Mechanics attended the event and received a training on SCHAEFFLER products, their proper usage and user rights. After the training, the mechanics got a chance to share their experiences with the other attendees. The training was followed by a dinner, with the participation of all the attendees.

Sales and Sales Targets Evaluation Meeting

BASBUG AUTO PARTS held a Sales and Sales Targets Evaluation Meeting with AISIN and FERODO, the global business partners of the sector. In this session, the company officials made presentations about the investments of their brands and the technical competitiveness of their products in the market. The meeting was productive and fruitful, in terms of improving efficiency and competence of BASBUG AUTO PARTS’ sales professionals towards achieving their sales targets.

SCHAEFFLER Training Event 

MOTOR ASIN organized a training in Hatay on June 27th with SCHAEFFLER. Spare Parts Professionals and Mechanics attended the event. The attendees received a training on SCHAEFFLER products. After the training, the mechanics got a chance to share their experiences with other attendees

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MOTOR ASİN welcomed visitors from all over the world between 10-12 June 2019 at Automechanika Dubai. President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Mr. Sekib Avdagic paid a visit to MOTOR ASİN’s booth with his committee.

Meeting with Students at Automechanika Istanbul

Borsa Istanbul Highschool students visited MOTOR ASİN during Automechanika Istanbul. Saim Aşçı, General Manager of MOTOR ASİN, got together with the students. Aşçı spoke about the importance and the future of the automotive sector. He pointed out that education matters and said that those who love their jobs and educate themselves well become qualified members, who make a difference in the industry.

Automechanika Istanbul 2019

MOTOR ASİN Automotive welcomed visitors from all over the world at Automechanika Istanbul between 4-7 April 2019.


Automechanika Istanbul 2019

HIDIRUSTA Automotive welcomed its guests from all over the world at Automechanika Istanbul between 4-7 April 2019.


Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts brought together important suppliers and customers of the sector at the Great Başbuğ Meeting. Dozens of suppliers and hundreds of customers came together at the event, which took place at Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts head office on April 6. In the logistics area of the central building, an industrial site concept was created with a special design that was made for the organization.

During the event, Başbuğ suppliers and customers had conversations, the guests enjoyed traditional delicacies and took plenty of photos with the classic cars at the exhibition. Later in the day, the best percussion artist of Turkey, Gencer Savaş and his band, brought in a giant stage show with drums made from car headlamps and tires specially prepared for the night. Afterwards, the participants had a pleasant time with Talk Show of Doğan Akdoğan, Onur Atilla and Okan Çabalar who are known from Güldür Güldür Program.

The night, which started with the slogan “There is Time for Business and Time for Entertainment”, was pleasant for all the participants with the surprise gifts for the guests. The participants left the night with a small memory, taking the photos of the Big Basbug Meeting hashtag.

Turkish participants at the International Sales Representative Training Program this year

The first stage of the International Sales Representative Training Program, which is a first in the sector as it aims to empower foreign students to help them become employed in Auto Spare Parts businesses, was completed successfully in 2018. In the second stage of the project, the scope was expanded to include Turkish students or recent graduates of Automotive and Automotive Engineering departments.

Some of the students who are successful at the end of the program have the opportunity to be employed by Başbuğ Auto Spare Parts, which has become an added value to the sector by growing day by day. This program also has an important place in meeting demands of the sector’s qualified workforce.

Foundations of Automotive Technologies Training Program

First group of trainees of HIDIRUSTA ACADEMY’s “Foundations of Automotive Technologies Training Program” graduated. The program was organized by HIDIRUSTA ACADEMY, with the collaboration of Topkapı Schools and the support of Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. The trainees received 54 hours of training in 9 weeks, which was followed by theory and practice tests. The trainees, who successfully completed the tests received their certificates at a ceremony held at Hıdırusta Otomotiv. Topkapı Schools administrators and Schaeffler executive directors attended the ceremony. This training program is the first of its kind in this sector and is going to be followed by Mid and Advanced Level Trainings soon.

 Importance of Technology in the Face of a Qualitative Team Identity

MOTOR ASIN established ASIN ACADEMY with the slogan “It’s Worth the Education…”. Under the roof of ASIN ACADEMY, they organize educational events, trainings and seminars for all departments and colleagues, including management. They receive support from universities as well as well-known consulting firms which have specialized in their specific area of interest with the headings of personal and institutional development.

ASIN ACADEMY was created with a deep understanding of belief in education and aims to move MOTOR ASIN’s workforce and management team in the direction of a more qualitative ‘Team Identity’.

“Contemporary business models do not, any more, give credence to the concept where personal achievements tend to shine out more. Therefore, we are compelled to prepare ourselves for more learning, more education and possession of an understanding which is open to continuous progress.

Another fact which cannot be left out, for the success of team-work models is the necessity to utilise the technology in order to make efficient and secure use of ERP(enterprise resource planning) programs to where the stock, budgeting, planning, purchasing and selling tools and reporting units can also be integrated. Holding on to this awareness, we aim to keep all the departments and our co-workers up-to-date as a result of educational practices and we also would like to keep one step ahead in the market by investing specially on IT side of our business courageously.”

“Shoulder to Shoulder 2019” Vision Night

The employees of BASBUG Auto Spare Parts met at the pleasant event held in Marriott Hotel, Şişli and had very fine memories of the night. The event, “Shoulder to Shoulder 2019” Vision Night started with the speech given by Halit Basbuğ, the Chief Executive Officer of BASBUG.

Halit Basbuğ underlined the current position of BASBUG Auto Spare Parts, the company’s innovations in 2018 and the future of the industry. At the event, the company signalled that they will be stronger in 2019 with their new projects and strategies.

The employees, who have contributed to the growth and development of the company in the past 44 years were given their awards. The event ended with a concert and a prize giving ceremony where the employees, who won the lottery, received their prizes.


Oto Rulman hosted a training event, supported by Schaeffler Turkey for its customers. 34 retailers and mecahnics attened the event.
Oto Rulman’s Marketing Director Gizem Erakın’s opening speech was followed by a technical training on new products and new trends in the industry. The attendees also shared their day- to- day experiences with the trainers. The event ended with the closing remarks, followed by a nice dinner with all the organizers and attendees.  

TATCOM in the Press 


Temot International, one of the procurement organizations that have been leading the global automotive renewal market, has set new management. Tatcom’s Chairman Taner Kavkacı was elected to the Board of Directors of Temot, which continued its activities in 80 countries with more than 100 shareholders and 5 continents. Kavkacı will have a say in the global formation of Temot for three years.

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